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Integrat Cloud Feature Image square

About Integrat

We ensure continuous, effective and profitable engagement with your users at all times

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The Solution

Let us help monetize your resources
with InAd

Maximize your internal promotion and boost your revenue with InAd.

User Engagement

Text message on phone

Network Messages

Transactional Messages

Promotional Messages




Targeting and Profiling

Dynamic Management

White List/Black List/Opt-out Queries


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Continuous, Effective and Profitable User Engagement

Seize the opportunity, InAd value to your business!

Maximize your Internal Promotion

Boost revenue per user

Increase the upsell and cross-sell of your services and products

Assure your governance, accountability and compliance

Transforms your low value blast media into high value targeted media

Keep your users engaged

Mobile Phone users

Text Based Promotion

SMS Notifications

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Create Brand Awareness

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Customer Engagement

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Click to call

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Click to call back

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Click to visit a mobile website

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Click to SMS a short code

Click to open a USSD menu

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Keep your users engaged

Rich Media Promotion


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Rich Media banner advertisements

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Interstitial advertisements

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Pop-up Advertisements

InAd Solution Benefits

Dynamic Campaign management

  • Easy scheduling through Web based portal


  • Content variety for messages
  • Selected Time
  • Selected Volume


  • Relevant message to subscriber based on BI of network

Low Risk

  • Loading of messages are done on InAd which then inserts ad message without system access

High Flexibility

  • Multiple messages can be loaded or amended any time during campaign

Approval and content audits

InAd provides for system documented approval and content audit


The platform generates comprehensive reports in real time indicating:

  • Client
  • Campaign
  • Advertisement
  • Ad Channel
  • Volume booked
  • Volume delivered
  • Time delivered

All reports are available through the Self-Service Portal

How it works

InAd for MNOs

Technical Made Simple

Flow Chart

Your user takes an action ( e.g. ‘Please call me’, Balance Enquiry, Missed Call), which generates an SMS.

We import this SMS into our InAd Platform. We insert advertisements alongside user communication content, using Intelligent Data Analytics.

We profile, target, schedule and deliver the SMS with InAd promotion back to your users.

Integrat in action

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